Indian Premier League 2013 Preview

The Pepsi Indian Premier League 2013 season, or IPL 6 for short (6 is because this is the sixth season of the IPL ever arranged) is starting in a few short months. On April 3rd to be exact, where the last years winners, Kolkata Knight Riders will face off against the semifinalists Delhi Daredevils. These two teams are considered the favorites to win the IPL 2013, and boy, I can't wait for this game! The anticipation for this season is greater than ever and last season saw some amazing play by many teams and a great finals to boot, but also some controversial stuff surrounding the so called spot fixing scandl. But we are hoping for a clean and good season this year, where the officials will take care of any shady activities. If you want to read more about the IPL, check out our introduction to the event, Indian Premier League.

IPL 2013 Team Analysis and Previews

For the 2013 season of IPL, there will be nine franchises competing for the new trophy. The teams are:

  • Delhi Daredevils
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Bangalore Royal Challengers
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Pune Warriors
  • Hyderabad Sunrisers

This years competition will be tighter than ever. Even though most will be looking for last years winners, Kolkata Knight Riders, to go to the finals, the teams in the league have become closer in player strength. This is thanks to the salary cap of $12.5 million that is in place for each team or franchise. I really prefer this type of rule, over the soccer style, where money is starting to take over the sport.

But the teams competing for this years trophy are many, and no single team is standing out as the clear favorites. Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers all seem to have a shot at the title, with no one of them being clearly better than the other teams. Kings XI Punjab is considered an outsider and the last three teams, Rajasthan Royals, Pune Warriors and Hyderabad Sunrisers needs to prove themselves to be able to compete in the series. It is bound to be exciting, that is for sure!

News for the IPL 2013

There have been some moves in the trading window, where Hyderabad have added almost 20 of the Deccan Chargers (former team in the IPL) players to their rosters. Pune Warriors has gotten rid of a lot of players, trying to rebuild a team that didnt far well in the last years competition, finishing last with a 4-12 record. Look for them to make a lot of moves in the players market this year.

The bigger teams have opted to not make that many changes. Kolkata Knight Riders seem content with their players, and have only elected to axe one player, Jaydev Unadkat. Seeing as they won last years tournament, this should come as no surprise to people.

Indian Premier League 2013 Predictions & Betting Tips

Seeing as this site is named The BetCric, I guess you didnt simply want me to babble about news in the cricket world, but also give some tips as to how to bet on the IPL 2013. As of right now, there aren't many bets out there on the IPL, seeing as it is still some months untill it is starting, but the winner odds have already been presented. No suprising odds here, the race is very tight between the teams, but I feel that the odds of both Daredevils and Knight Riders is a bit too high at 5.00, and putting out a small bet on those might offer some value. They will not win this everytime, but I feel their chances of winning are bigger than 25%, so it warrants a bet on them. Also, putting in a small bet on the Pune Warriors or the Hyderabad Sunrisers at both 15.00 might also be a wise decision, but take a look at how they act in the players market. If they build some decent teams, they might become a dark horse in the hunt for tis years title. All of these bets can be found widely available, so use your sportsbook of choice.

This year, I hope to roll out some more predictions and tips on my cricket betting tips page for the IPL 2013. As of now, I havent put out any bets, but I will start updating it once the league starts its games. So check back for some money winning tips.

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